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Snow and ice, driving scotland, scottish roads with snow, icy roads in Scotland, how to drive on ice, how to drive on snow, snow and ice in Highlands of Scotland


Tips for driving on snow and ice in Scotland

Try and keep to coastal roads, they are less icy than inland roads.. Avoid the steep hills. Accelerate slowly, keep a huge distance from the car in front, brake very very slowly, that’s why you need extra distance. Take emergency stuff with you, obviously.

Four Don'ts


Don't allow the battery to run down. It is very vulnerable in the


Don't use washing up liquid in the screen wash

Don't run on thin tyres

Don't overtake on snow and ice

Don't rev the engine or accelerate quickly


Ten Do's


Drive very slowly, particularly around corners

Avoid steep hills, particvularly those with bends

Go into corners slowly

Accelerate very slowly

Use 2nd gear if possible on ice

Keep the driving wheel as straight as possible

Leave a massive amount of room between you and the car in front

Fill the petrol tank more frequently than usual

Keep your mobile phone topped up

Use WD 40 to ease the door locks

Watch out for extra cold temperatures in low lying valleys, and on

tree lined roads

Choose a coastal route if possible rather than an inland route.


Take 11 things with you


Old bits of carpet, clothes, or cardboard for getting the car out of


Wellington boots - carried inside the car

Shovel, to dig out the car

Emergency first aid kit

Spare clothes


Hat covering the ears



Chocolate and something to eat

Flask of hot drink

Charged mobile phone

St. Christophers charm, you never know.