One road in South-West Scotland, the A77, has been named as the 23rd most dangerous road – IN THE WORLD. This was taking into account roads in India, China, Peru. The road runs from Prestwick to Glasgow. It also has a 28 mile stretch of average speed cameras.

The A82 from Glasgow to Inverness is a killer and has also been called Scotland’s most dangerous road. A petition with 8555 signatures has called for its upgrading

Outside the Motorways, some of Scotland’s other roads are dangerous. 40% of accidents in Scotland involve pedestrians or cyclists, 20% involve vehicles leaving the road, and 11% or are head-on crashes. Trees and lamposts are the most lethal hazards on A roads. Blind bends and blind summits are next.

Apart from the A77,  the A70 Cumnock and Ayr, and the A71 from Ayr to the M74 are the worst roads. In 13 miles there were 20 serious accidents or fatalities in 2 years on the A70. Junctions were the problem.  The A276 around Paisley is pretty bad, too. A fatality every two months here, on average.

The next most risky road is the A85 from Perth to Crianlarich. In a 50 mile stretch there is a serious crash every two weeks.

But if you go from  Crianlarich down Loch Lomond on the A82 to Tarbet you have a high risk of a crash on the bends. Gillian and I pulled a family out of a car crashing head on with a van at 9.00 in the morning here. No great damage done to people on this occasion. Their holiday was finished.

Crianlarich to Oban the A85 is also a stinker. We’ve seen absolute madness from delivery truck drivers, overtaking a line of traffic around blind bends near the Cruachan Power station.

Other bad roads named are the A72 Galashiels to Peebles in the South, the A816 from Oban to Lochearnhead, the A99 at Wick in the North and the road from Kingussie down south-west to Spean Bridge, the A889

Changing some junction layouts, better signing, interactive speed signs, and improved road marking.  It is not even expensive.
This wonderful photo has not been manipulated. It is an actual shot of traffic lights at Canary Wharf London. Not Scotland - yet. Photo by Zakgollop
Scotland’s Most Dangerous Roads and Road Accidents in Scotland