They get a lot more cash out of their 37 speed cameras in Dumfries and Galloway than they do in Fife with 48 sites.  Each camera in Dumfries produces about £25,000 a year in fines, about 8 speeding criminals a week, compared to Fife’s £7,500 a year, less than 3 victims a week.

Actually Fife and Dumfries are both pretty typical of Speed Camera locations. In Fife they are spread along the coastal road, and the main road to Dundee. In Dumfries the roads are very bendy, with multiple speed limits, and varying carriageways, but the cameras are located at the black spots on the main roads. The South-west contains one of the most dangerous roads in the world, the notorious A77, according to specialists.

North of Gretna there are many cameras there on the M74 motorway. But apart from this, most motorways are fairly clear of cameras.

On the very dangerous A77 around Ayr, there is a 28 mile stretch of speed and distance camera. Don’t exceed the speed limit.

On all the main roads into and out of the main Cities, the cameras are positioned at speed limit changes. 70 to 40mph , 40 to 30mph

Within the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen, Dundee the roads are packed with static cameras. They seem to be working – deaths from speeding used to account for 40% of the total deaths on the road, but now they are down to less than 10%

The main road South to Jedburgh and Galashiels is a notorious spot for speeding, and therefore cameras are placed there.

There are 12 static cameras in Central Scotland around Falkirk, Stirling and Dunblane  5 in 30mph and 6 in 70mph.

In the North there are plenty of cameras along the dangerous top end of Loch Ness side, the A82, and around the corner from Inverness to Elgin.

The strip from Spean Bridge near Fort William up as far as Grantown on Spey carries intermittent cameras..

Just as you emerge from the traffic craWl around one of the most beautiful winding roads in the world, alongside Loch Lomond, where you have spent 30 painful minutes behind a caravan, you can open up and pass as you go up the long straight hill to Crianlarich. Bang, there is a speed camera there, just for you. Driving on towards Oban, there is one mobile camera unit just past Tyndrum. Dangerous road though.
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Speed camera positions in Scotland