The vast majority of drivers in Scotland give in straight away even if they think they’ve got a case..
But having nine points on your licence in Scotland is no joke. Get 12 points and your licence goes for six months. In this case, look on the bright side. Your past points will all be cleared off, when you get back your licence. Points are not counted towards your total after three years from the date of the offence.
How your traffic solicitor may get you off
Your defence may lie in finding something wrong with the police procedure or with the local authorities not signing the roads properly. Thousands of motorists have paid fines without challenge. Many mistakes are made by the authorities, and by the police and mobile camera units. A bit of effort on your part and you might get off.

Temporary speed restriction on A roads areas are a minefield for the authorities. The Highways Departments make many mistakes in procedures each of which can get you off.  Your solicitor might get the case dropped before it gets to Court.

Keep a digital camera in the car
Keep a digital camera in the car with you, stop the car, go back to the site and photograph the speed signs, distances between them, distance markings in the road, street light distances and obstructions. Get detailed advice from web sites, but be warned, much of the advice they give you may be wrong, and much may be very out of date.
Getting off a speeding charge in Scotland
Lovely shot, “my first ticket” photo sugary goodness